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Acupuncture is a complex system of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases which belongs to the vast area of the traditional Chinese medicine, going back more than 5.000 years. The therapy involves the insertion of very thin needles into the skin, in various points on the body.

How does acupuncture help to treat disorders? Acupuncture is a natural treatment, therefore, in contrast to conventional medication, the risk of toxicity and adverse effects are eliminated. The therapeutic effects of acupuncture consist of unlocking and removing minor or major energy imbalances that disrupt our energy system. It treats conditions that do not respond to standard treatments, being the ideal solution for those of you who want to maintain their health, and for those suffering from an illness.

Acupuncture is recommended in: oncological diseases, urogenital disorders, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic conditions, heart diseases, hepatobiliary, pulmonary, neurological, dermatological and ENT disorders.


How to establish an appointment for accupuncture?

We are waiting for you in Bucharest at VERONIKI Life - Clinic of Integrative Medicine, if you need an accupuncture treatment. To book an appointment, please contact us at +4021.232.98.41 or drop us a line at:


Address of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine:

2-4 Murmurului Entrance, 1st District, Bucharest