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Apiphytotherapy is a method of treating and preventing diseases through the use of bee products and polliniferous and nectariferous plants, rich in active ingredients, helping to cure diseases.

This treatment is recommended following an extensive medical assessment and discussion, after having obtained information about the entire body. Then, a personalised plan is drawn up, based on the patient's characteristics.

What diseases can apiphytotherapy treat? This therapy is successfully used to treat wounds, dermatological and aesthetic dermatological conditions, and plays a protective role in cancer or restoration of immunity. But these are only a few of the cases in which apiphytotherapy is recommended for treatment and prevention. Learn more about this treatment from the specialists of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine!


How to establish an appointment for apiphytotherapy?

We are waiting for you in Bucharest at VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine, if you need a consult for apiphytotherapy. To book an appointment, please contact us at +4021.232.98.41 or drop us a line at


Address of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine:

2-4 Murmurului Entrance, 1st District, Bucharest