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Irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease – find the best diet that works for you


Both irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease are medical conditions whose cause cannot be clearly established. And, if we can't identify the reason for their occurrence, it is quite difficult to treat the cause, which is why the treatment is symptomatic only. That is, depending on the symptoms we have, the way we feel, the doctor will indicate a certain treatment plan.

The symptoms for both conditions are stomach pain, bloating and / or diarrhea or constipation. Therefore, treatment aims to reduce these symptoms or to improve the health status. Untreated in a timely or appropriate manner, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease can seriously affect our quality of life so much that it limits our activities: walking, walking, concentration, work, travel, activities sports, sleep, etc.

Although the cause of the two diseases cannot be clearly identified, there are numerous medical studies that indicate a close link between them and the immune system. And if we remember what Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food," we think we need to pay more attention and importance to the foods we eat because they may have the ability to stimulate the immune system or they can trigger certain chronic inflammations.

If you are a person with gastrointestinal disorders, you have probably noticed that when you eat certain foods with an inflammatory character, your symptoms worsen. And when you eat foods that your body considers beneficial, your well-being improves, you feel more energized.

For Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome, there are no specific tests that can be used to make an accurate diagnosis. But there are blood tests that can help us identify foods that trigger inflammation in our body. One such test is ImuPRO, a blood test that is performed in a laboratory in Germany, based on which you will find out which foods have high or very high levels of IgG antibodies, where those allergens can be found and how you can replace the aliments in your diet. At the same time, ImuPro shows you which foods are good for you and the path to better health.


 How can I take the ImuPRO Food Allergy Test?

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