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VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine - concept


The underlying concept of VERONIKI Life Clinic is known as Integrative Medicine. It was implemented for offering to the doctors the necessary time to listen to you and to get to know you in order to reach a correct and complete diagnosis, both from a clinical and paraclinical perspective, as well as from a naturopathic perspective. This kind of consultation takes 2-3 times longer than the traditional appointment with a medical doctor.

Integrative medicine. Why this particular approach? What is its role?

By combining conventional medicine with complementary medicine, you will benefit from complete and best integrated healthcare solutions. This concept aims at assessing and treating the patient as a whole, which allows for determining the optimal link between various symptoms and conditions.

Integrative medicine is used successfully in Western states in prestigious institutions, such as Johns Hopkins, Duke Center, MAYO and many others, accounting for 50% of hospital and outpatient activities, being one of the medical services that have helped define a first-class medical system.

At VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine we want to bring a breath of fresh air to the Romanian private medical system and to be in line with the international health standards. A strong scientific argument for integrative medicine is that it is practised by medical doctors, which further complements the synergy created by the 2 medical approaches: allopathic medicine and holistic medicine. Integrative medicine is, therefore, a well-founded and proven science, not an empirical science.

The integrative medicine services we offer are prevention-oriented and health recovering, if we are dealing with existing medical conditions. Thus, VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine will provide you with:

- Individual plans to combat chronic fatigue syndrome;
- Cognitive behavioural therapies;
- Pain management programmes for cancer patients;
- Plans for fibromyalgia syndrome;
- General and specialised medicine services;
- Naturopathic medicine advisory services;
- Plans and therapies for gastric conditions;
- Therapies for neurological and rheumatological conditions;
- Long-term health maintenance programmes;
- Customised detoxification plans;
- Individual diet plans;
- Plans to improve the immune system of newborns, children and adolescents;
- Strategies for maintaining immunity;
- Postoperative recovery programmes;
- Personalised recommendations for a healthy, balanced, stress-free life.

Address of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine:

2-4 Murmurului Entrance, 1st District, Bucharest