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Colon hydrotherapy


What is colon hydrotherapy?

It is a non-invasive and painless procedure, performed with the help of next-generation technology in order to irrigate the colon with mineral water and natural substances. Thus, the colon is cleansed of waste, toxins, gas and parasites, which later promotes an overall sense of well-being, with numerous benefits to the body.

It is commonly used in private clinics in the USA and Western Europe, being indicated in cases such as: gastrointestinal diseases, dermatological disorders, osteoarticular conditions, weight loss and maintenance, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches and migraines, allergies, energy boost, halitosis, reducing menstrual pain, improving sex life, helping cope with fibromyalgia, candida, preventing colon cancer, and increasing immunity.


How to establish an appointment for colon hydrotherapy?

We are waiting for you in Bucharest at Veroniki Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine. To book an appointment, please contact us at +4021.232.98.41 or drop us a line at


Address of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine:

2-4 Murmurului Entrance, 1st District, Bucharest