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Mission of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine


Our mission is offer you a new integrative medicine concept to Romania, in order to improve your quality of life, through complementary techniques and therapies, with minimally-invasive, but deep-acting procedures. The services provided by VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine come with the following benefits:

  • Complete assessment and diagnosis by the best specialists in traditional and complementary medicine (therefore, with a holistic medical approach: allopathic and alternative);
  • Timely access to medical investigations and complementary therapies, recommended by specialists;
  • Personalised treatment solutions to restore or maintain the normal state of health;
  • Healthy lifestyle adopted based on scientifically proven medical advice;
  • Friendly, pleasant atmosphere, where the medical staff give you the proper attention.


Our vision

The concern of our team is to provide prompt and professional medical procedures, so that all patients can have a balanced and healthy life. We are and will be advocates of health, and our goal is that every individual can regain their natural state of health.

The whole concept of specialised medical services and investigations, combined with minimally invasive medicine and complementary therapies, is designed to create and develop a new medical system, where the patient will receive an integrated experience to the highest standards.

VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine also supports the progress of the medical team through access to numerous scientific activities. Thus, our physicians can acquire supra-specialties, supra-qualifications or new competences that contribute systematically to research on topics of major social impact in the medium and long term, and, therefore, to an improved medical system.

Our long term vision is that VERONIKI Life shall become the largest medical clinic of excellence in Integrative Medicine in Romania.


Our values

Values we believe in:

  • Professionalism - through the quality of the medical procedures carried out by our medical doctors, with supra-specialties and competences in holistic medicine;
  • Expertise – stemming from the number of medical cases successfully treated so far by the physicians of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine
  • Harmony – we identify and treat each condition in a personalized manner, by making use of the allopathic medicine principles, fully brought in line with the complementary medicine.
  • Care and respect for people – we are concerned with the health of our patients, and of the society in general. For a better, healthier, more balanced world, we offer care and respect to all patients and we give them the right to be treated as they should.
  • Responsibility - based on the medical conduct, taking into account the Hippocratic oath.
  • Confidentiality – the talks with the doctors serve to identify the triggers of the condition. The information you provide to doctors will not be disclosed to other persons, unless the patients themselves or their carers request so.



Address of VERONIKI Life - Clinic for Integrative Medicine:

2-4 Murmurului Entrance, 1st District, Bucharest