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Natural aesthetic medicine


Natural aesthetic medicine is a branch based on the biological activation of the body's own regenerative resources.

One of the most modern procedures of biological aesthetic medicine is the PRP therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, consisting of local infiltrative treatments with a platelet concentrate sourced from the patient's blood after a specific separation method.

Due to the origin of the preparation being injected, and also to the expected effect, this therapy has been associated with peculiar names like: "Dracula therapy", "vampire therapy", "vampire facelift" or "plasmolifting". It is a therapy many public figures are crazy about, given that the effects are quite impressive, far outweighing the costs, with the advantage of the 100% natural and risk-free mechanism of action.

The mechanism of action of the platelet preparation relies on stimulating the production of own collagen, which assists in the healing of scars and reduces wrinkles. Platelets are rich in various growth factors and biologically active peptides which, injected in areas with low capacity for regeneration, can trigger the local production of fibres, cell matrix remodelling, recruitment of stem cells.

In order to optimise the uniform distribution of the ozone-activated platelet concentrate on the skin, at Veroniki Life Clinic for Integrative Medicine we combine the activated platelet therapy with a therapy called microneedling. This is a procedure that uses a special machine equipped with a roller covered with very thin needles fitted to a mobile head controlled by an electronic system. This modern device is capable of creating thousands of painless tiny punctures in a short time with a translational motion, ensuring a uniform distribution at a controlled depth of the platelet preparation applied to the treated area.

Patients who have received such therapies confirm that the procedures are painless and that there is no need for local anaesthesia. Due to the administration of material sourced from own cells, there are no adverse reactions or any rejection whatsoever.

In aesthetic medicine, the technique is primarily indicated for:

  • preventing skin ageing and increasing skin tone
  • refreshing a tired complexion
  • treating small wrinkles and expression lines
  • treating the first signs of skin ptosis
  • reducing stretch marks after rapid weight loss
  • achieving rapid regeneration of skin after laser or chemical peelings
  • treating acne and reducing post-acne scars in adults and teenagers
  • treating alopecia through hair regeneration

We invite you to try this state-of-the-art technique of natural aesthetic medicine at Veroniki Life Clinic.



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